Often projects are complex. Some difficulties even become apparent only during the course of the project and can only be eliminated with a high level of specialist knowledge. In the case of other projects, it is clear from the outset that external know-how must be called in. As Hanseatic Media Harbour GmbH, we offer both acute and long-term support in this area

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice or support for a current or planned project, especially in the areas of project management, design and development. In case of positive experiences in cooperation, there is also often the possibility of a long-term partnership.

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The freelancer work model is now firmly established in the digital industry. As a digital agency, we work with a number of freelancers, and from our own experience we know about the difficult times that can hit you in this field. Many projects are too complex to be handled by them alone. Established and professionally experienced company structures can be a support here.

For this reason, Hanseatic Media Harbour GmbH has set up its own Freelancer Club. Freelancers from the advertising and digital industry who meet the requirements of our agency and can imagine a long-term cooperation can register here to benefit from our professional support and the and the established, entrepreneurial structures.

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In order to become a member of the Freelancer Club, simply fill out the request form and provide us with an overview of your professional knowledge, skills and a selection of the projects you have completed to date.

Should we need external support and have suitable projects based on your accumulated experience, we will be happy to contact you. For the admission to the Freelancer-Club we need your consent. You can revoke this consent at any time by sending an email to Your data will then be deleted from our Freelancer Club immediately.